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Nederland en Morokko

i got so used to speaking French for a month, it was nice to return to a (slightly) warmer french speaking country, Morocco! I have spent the Christmas and New Years holidays with family in the Netherlands and Morocco. Morocco was awesome! We landed in Marrakech and stayed in a Riad, then off inland to Ait Ben Haddou, close to Ourazazate for New Years, then back to Marrakesh for a night. the scenery is really something else, sometimes you have to really have to look closely because the towns are the same color as the mountains and blend right in! Youssef, the guy who worked in the Riad, took me on his motorcycle to a local market for me to buy some cheaper items, he said i was his girlfriend and not a tourist and got good prices (haha). The roads were definitely chaotic, so riding around on his motorcycle was definitely exciting. The night market was also fun, Daniel and I played a game where you have a fishing pole with a ring attached at the end, and you must put the ring over the top of a soda bottle, if you manage, you get to keep the bottle...it definitely tested our patience. In Ait ben Haddou, we took a dromadaire ride to some caves and back, which was as they say 'the boat of the desert' because you definitely get josseled around a bit! For new Years, Tessa, Daniel and I kept up with the 'Nieuw Jaar's Duik' tradition and jumped into the cold pool at about 2am with a room full of people looking at us funny :) The ride back to Marrakech was just as beautiful...the road winds around and through the mountains. There are men who sell beautiful quartz rocks along the side of the road, as well as tajines and plates and argan oil. We also went to a Hammam and got scrubbed down with salts and essential oils, with a nice massage afterwards! Dromadaire ride with the family to some caves was also done, and it was fun to climb around the caves and through a little town..My dromadaire Maryline was so sweet, if you said 'bisous' she would lean over and kiss you!
I even got to touch some snow! I thought I would skip winter, but it was quite chilly in Morocco. We drove to an Oasis, visited the Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakesh, which is a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of species of Cacti. DSC_2655.jpgDSC_2661.jpgDSC_2667.jpgDSC_2669.jpgDSC_2671.jpgDSC_2673.jpgDSC_2676.jpgDSC_2680.jpgDSC_2684.jpgDSC_2704.jpgDSC_2706.jpgDSC_2711.jpgDSC_2718.jpgDSC_2729.jpgDSC_2735.jpgDSC_2737.jpgDSC_2740.jpgDSC_2746.jpgDSC_2751.jpgDSC_2752.jpgDSC_2760.jpgDSC_2763.jpgDSC_2766.jpgDSC_2771.jpgDSC_2773.jpgDSC_2777.jpgDSC_2781.jpgDSC_2785.jpgDSC_2799.jpgDSC_2801.jpgDSC_2807.jpgDSC_2813.jpgDSC_2818.jpgDSC_2821.jpgDSC_2823.jpgDSC_2838.jpgDSC_2846.jpgDSC_2848.jpgDSC_2849.jpgDSC_2856.jpgDSC_2863.jpgDSC_2865.jpgDSC_2882.jpgDSC_2871.jpgDSC_2904.jpgDSC_2936.jpgDSC_2937.jpgDSC_2942.jpgDSC_2958.jpgDSC_2960.jpgDSC_2965.jpgDSC_2968.jpgDSC_2973.jpgDSC_2978.jpgDSC_2983.jpgDSC_2988.jpgDSC_2991.jpgDSC_3000.jpgDSC_3003.jpgDSC_3005.jpgDSC_3038.jpgDSC_3039.jpgDSC_3071.jpgDSC_3073.jpgDSC_3092.jpgDSC_3095.jpgDSC_3098.jpgDSC_3102.jpgDSC_3114.jpgDSC_3151.jpgDSC_3155.jpgDSC_3168.jpgDSC_3171.jpgDSC_3174.jpgDSC_3182.jpgDSC_3187.jpgDSC_3208.jpgDSC_3218.jpgDSC_3221.jpgDSC_3232.jpgDSC_3239.jpgDSC_3265.jpgDSC_3274.jpgDSC_3290.jpgDSC_3296.jpgDSC_3302.jpgDSC_3304.jpgDSC_3319.jpgDSC_3321.jpgDSC_3333.jpgDSC_3334.jpglarge_DSC_3349.jpgDSC_3368.jpgDSC_3382.jpgDSC_3392.jpgDSC_3406.jpgDSC_3410.jpgDSC_3413.jpgDSC_3417.jpgDSC_3431.jpgDSC_3436.jpgDSC_3438.jpgDSC_3444.jpgDSC_3446.jpgDSC_3448.jpgDSC_3453.jpgDSC_3454.jpgDSC_3464.jpgDSC_3465.jpgDSC_3472.jpgDSC_3473.jpgDSC_3492.jpgDSC_3509.jpgDSC_3513.jpgDSC_3514.jpgDSC_3532.jpgDSC_3533.jpgDSC_3543.jpgDSC_3558.jpgDSC_3563.jpgDSC_3572.jpgDSC_3581.jpgDSC_3582.jpgDSC_3598.jpgDSC_3601.jpgDSC_3602.jpgDSC_3615.jpgDSC_3620.jpgDSC_3631.jpgDSC_3639.jpgDSC_3661.jpgDSC_3681.jpgDSC_3767.jpgDSC_3770.jpgDSC_3797.jpgDSC_3799.jpgDSC_3800.jpgDSC_3813.jpgDSC_3817.jpgDSC_3830.jpgDSC_3842.jpgDSC_3845.jpgDSC_3846.jpgDSC_3848.jpgDSC_3854.jpgDSC_3856.jpgDSC_3863.jpgDSC_3877.jpgDSC_3884.jpgDSC_3902.jpgDSC_3911.jpgDSC_3913.jpgDSC_3917.jpgDSC_2540.jpgDSC_2541.jpgDSC_2542.jpgDSC_2544.jpgDSC_2566.jpgDSC_2577.jpgDSC_2579.jpgDSC_2586.jpgDSC_2588.jpgDSC_2593.jpgDSC_2599.jpgDSC_2602.jpgDSC_2604.jpgDSC_2608.jpgDSC_2615.jpgDSC_2639.jpgDSC_2652.jpgDSC_3920.jpgDSC_3922.jpgDSC_3929.jpgDSC_3933.jpgDSC_3934.jpglarge_DSC_3945.jpgIMG_3638.jpgIMG_3655.jpgIMG_3658.jpgIMG_3660.jpgIMG_3661.jpgIMG_3684.jpgDSC_3718.jpgDSC_3742.jpg

I have a sweet tooth but man do Moroccans like their sugar, mint tea with sugar, the deserts and meals can be very sweet... it was amazing to see the family again and now i'm off to Reunion Island :)

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