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The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho :)

Alot has happened since I got here on thursday! Here's the view from the house:270_DSC_8862.jpg

Thursday- I went with Anita (my couchsurf host) to a dutch expat movie night..Anita's family is wonderful and so friendly and welcoming!
Friday- Visited/hiked up Thaba Bosiu and the Holy Mountain with Anita and cupid (their dog), then I went to Semongkong, which is a town in the middle of the mountains that has a great lodge (with the tallest abseil in the world!), a beautiful waterfall and pony rides/trekking..It took about 4 hours to get there in a taxi. the Taxis here are mini buses that fit 16 people and all their stuff...and never seems to really be full! the ride was bumpy and tight, but beautiful..we rode through the mountains, you could feel the air get thinner and crisper the higher we went..which reminds me the stars.sky at night is just incredible, i've never seen so many stars in my life :P
Saturday- I rode a pony with a guide for about 5 hours, and my whole body is sore from it..it's amazing how the locals can just ride forever..The waterfall (tallest single drop in the world) and endemic spiral aloe plants were just amazing! I asked if we could stop in the sheep shearing building, and he said sure, so i got a glance of hand sheering/hand sorting wool (which the women go to school for!) ..my guide Tsepo had an interesting eye for photography...DSC_8705.jpg180_DSC_8709.jpgDSC_8710.jpgDSC_8714.jpgDSC_8715.jpgDSC_8722.jpgDSC_8725.jpgDSC_8726.jpgDSC_8735.jpgDSC_8740.jpgDSC_8743.jpgDSC_8748.jpgDSC_8750.jpgDSC_8751.jpgDSC_8756.jpgDSC_8758.jpgDSC_8761.jpgDSC_8763.jpgDSC_8769.jpgDSC_8776.jpgDSC_8787.jpgDSC_8799.jpgDSC_8804.jpgDSC_8809.jpgDSC_8813.jpgDSC_8814.jpgDSC_8816.jpgDSC_8819.jpgDSC_8824.jpgDSC_8839.jpgDSC_8841.jpgDSC_8843.jpgDSC_8845.jpgDSC_8849.jpgDSC_8851.jpgI got back to Maseru and went out for some local music/dancing with some new friends, some work for kick4life, a cool organisation that raises HIV/AIDS awareness through soccer.
Sunday- went on the weekly expat Hash, followed by a Braai at the Ambassador's house..so many new people!! it was great to talk to everyone and get to know all sorts of stories ..DSC_8853.jpgDSC_8855.jpgDSC_8856.jpgDSC_8858.jpgDSC_8859.jpg270_DSC_8860.jpgDSC_8861.jpg
Monday- Took the local bus over to the Kome Caves in Ha Kome, which are still inhabited! It took about 1.5 hours to get there and over 2 hours back..and its only about 45km. The reason for that is we would drive maybe 5/10km per hour and just honk honk honk for people to fill up the taxi. They seemed to appear out of nowhere though, so I guess it works.. DSC_8866.jpgDSC_8867.jpgDSC_8868.jpgDSC_8870.jpgDSC_8875.jpgDSC_8881.jpgDSC_8885.jpgDSC_8890.jpgDSC_8891.jpgDSC_8892.jpgDSC_8894.jpgDSC_8899.jpgDSC_8901.jpgDSC_8878.jpgDSC_8869.jpgThen I was off to the gym with Anita for a swim! At a super modern/huge facility where even the queen works out :) Then I had dinner with Janelle, who i studied in Ghana with and is here for Peace Corps for a year now..such a small world!
Maseru is so small, there is not much to do here at all, Lesotho is really about the mountains, there's so much potential for tourism, but the tourism office burnt down and there are no plans to rebuild it..unfortunately..I am going to go see the market and weavers tomorrow.

I'm also in the middle of trying to figure out how to get to Swaziland, i've heard there are many ways..Maybe I will also pop over into Mozambique (Maputo) since it's so close and there will be a beach :P

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Port Elizabeth!

I'm in Port Elizabeth (PE) and heading to Lesotho today! I got here 2 days ago and it's quite an industrial city, the weather has been overcast
and rainy, so i haven't done too much, i was wandering around the mall yesterday..I'm couchsurfing with Bright and his family, which has
been very nice, I've had Ghanaian food, tried a meat pie and some Iron Brew (south african soda), I had yet to try ginger beer, which is very popular here.
There are so many Chinese shops here in PE, it's very surprising actually. There a beautiful stadium here in town, that was built for the World cup, but is actually barely in use today..which is a shame really. This past sunday, Bridget and I (who I was couchsurfing with in plettenberg bay) went Bunjee Jumping!! Well, I went and she watched, but it was so much fun!!! The jump is the highest commercial bunjee in the world and I jumped 216 meters :) It was totally exhilarating, once I got over how scared I was. The whole staff was very friendly, which was nice..the jump is great because it's just long enough for you to get over being scared while you are falling and still end up enjoying the feeling like you are flying!

I'm excited to see Lesotho, I will also be couchsurfing there with a family. Sharp!

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Day 13- Plett

I got a ride to Plett with Alison, who lives on a smallholding with her family in Plett. the drive took about 6 hours, i guess we got lucky with road construction this time!
So i'm couchsurfing again, this time with Lance and Brigitte. Brigitte and I walked around Plett beach, and saw some dolphins in the bay! we watched some bodyboarders hitting some waves too...there's also an old whaling station that's been converted to a hotel right on the beach, which is nice.. there is so much to do here it's incredible! you can kayak, surf, do a canopy tour, skydive, scuba dive, snorkle, see a huge bird sanctuary, monkeys, elephants, hiking, and the list goes on! The talleest bunjee jump in the world is here too! I have't decided what to do yet..I may lounge around on the beach, see the birds, go on a hike!


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Robben Island, the Aquarium and off to Plettenberg Bay!

So after seeing alot of the natural sights, Paula Omer and I went to go see the aquarium. It was awesome! You could really spend hours just sitting in front of the big glass walls watching the kelp forest sway back and forth..

..Then off to Robben Island for me! The whole experience was very interesting, full of history. I had no idea Robben Island was used as a Leper colony before the jails..I found the Church of the Good Shepherd on the island, which is the only building not owned by the government there..there were more african penguins as well.DSC_8380.jpgDSC_8388.jpgDSC_8392.jpgDSC_8396.jpgDSC_8399.jpg90_DSC_8405.jpg

Cape Town has been amazing, I've meet some great people and am excited to keep moving!!


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Seeing Table Mountain and Cape Point

..amazing sights

Wow! It's really hard to put into words how beautiful this country is... there's always something to look at. I feel like I can't take it all in. Paula and I hiked up from the the backpackers', it took about 3.5 hours. We saw a woman doing it barefooted, found a couple of kids who told us it was cold at the top,a beautiful waterfall, and some Dassie's at the top.

The off to Cape Point with Ruche, Omer, Duane, and Paula! We saw ostriches, baboones, a tortoise, seals, penguins, whales and some cool birds.. we stopped at a succulent nursery on our way back and some a nice snack, thanks Duane!

We took a nice ride along Chapman's Peak and saw Hout Bay, and drove by Elton John's house? We stopped at Landudno beach and walked around the boulders..that was a cool place with the waves crashing around.. we went up to the edge of Sea Point Area and watched the sunset afterwards..it was quite peaceful

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