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Day 6 in Cape Town

I will upload some pictures soon :) Internet is slow

wow it's cold here! I'm sitting on the balcony of the backpacker's here on Long Street and shivering..but that may also be because i'm tired. I can hear and see cars, all sorts of music buzzing from bars and clubs and restaurance, a mix of jazz, hip hop, drums and all! I have met some nice people here, good conversations have been had :) Yesterday and today were gloomy days, overcast and drizzling sometimes, so i stuck to the indoor sights, i saw the South Africa national gallery, the Planetarium, I wandered by the Castle, Slave Lodge, and through the Company's Gardens. Which gets its name from the Dutch trading companies that came through here before the Suez canal was opened.

The Gardens are nice, the squirrels (yes I was surprised too) climb palm trees here and are fat and definitely not shy, as everyone feeds them..

I had dinner with another couchsurfer, we went to a jamaican place which served great pizza! Pizza is everywhere here, along with indian food. There is so much outside influence in the city..very european, boutiques and cafes everywhere.. the people are quite fashionable as well.

So where was I at noon today? I was eating a delicious salami, brie, and avo sandwich on rye bread with some fresh natural mango juice at a place called 'yours truly'...i had walked by it previously, and the main guy Dan, basically took over the sidewalk with plants and some chair and tables..then off to walking around some more. I saw a show at the planetarium called "Do the stars influence your life" all about the stars and horoscopes. It was interesting!

Tomorrow I am off to hike Table mountain..apparently there are 3 reservoirs, and an abandoned train railway up on the mountain, because they built a trains system, to help build the dams that give water/power to Cape Town, but it has since been abandoned. It should take about 3 hours to hike all the way up from the backpackers, hopefully that's true!
tot ziens!


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Day 3! Beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens


I have arrived at the first hostel of the trip! I'm staying on Long Street, which is essentially party street, you can hear the cars, karaoke, and people all day and night along the street.This morning Steven, sabine, Katherine and I went to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden..it's absolutely amazing!! You really can't ask for more, beautiful plants, trees, and flowers with Table Mountain and Devil's peak as the backdrop makes for amazing pictures! Since spring is just starting, the city isn't too busy yet, which was nice in this case because the garden was not crowded at all. We saw the famous Fynbos family of South Africa.. the King Protea flower is amazing and rules them all! After that they dropped me off at the hostel, and i've been planning what to do around cape town for the next week. Here's my list:

Hike Lion's head for the full moon hike (Check!)
Walk around Town/Waterfront/Market
Visit Robben island
Hike Table Mountain
Day trip to Cape Point/Boulder's Beach (African Penguins!), Simon's town
Go to Hout bay Saturday Market
Hanglide from Lion's Head
Visit Stellenbosch

I'm hoping the weather will cooperate :P


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Got to Cape Town


After about 26 hours of travel I have finally arrived! Unfortunately the audio for my seat on my 15 hour flight from JFK to Joburg did not work!! I missed out on watching a number of movies, and I realised I will be missing out on many more these coming months... It was surprisingly cold getting off the plane!

My couchsurfing host Steven was gracious enough to pick me up at the airport, it was nice not having to figure out how to get anywhere. We drove around town for a little while and I feel like I'm in Europe! Well except for driving on the left side (I almost got in the driver's side, force of habit).. the cars are smaller, the street signs are smaller, and pedestrians do not really have any right of way!

We got to his apartment and I dropped my things off..however the lights were not turning on so we had to go put money on the electricity card at the grocery store, then go back and punch it in. Apparently you get 50 rand of free electricity, then the more you use, the more expensive it gets as you go, it's a great system. we walked down to Caturra Coffee bar and i was able to get online for a little and watched some Australia v South Africa rugby. Then we set out to walk on the promenade along the Atlantic (which was cold!)
IMG_3551.jpgYou can see Lion's head and the Lion's rump along the Sea point area of Cape Town, and Table Mountain is a little farther off.
We found a grocery stora where I could 'Rica' a sim card, which means i had to register the sim card with my passport. I bought some 'airtime' and saw this:

For dinner we headed more into downtown to the Eastern Food Bazaar. This place goes the length of the building (so you can enter either side) and has maybe 10 different food counters with different foods, Shwarma's, Rice platters, Kabobs, etc. You pay at the pay kiosk and go to the counter and get your food. It was a nice bustling atmosphere with some nice decor. The food was good too! The home to get some sleep, it's been a long day!

It's day number two! I'm off the the market and explore the city! And the sun is coming out :)

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...and it begins with packing!

It's amazing what I will and won't be living with for the next months...

Well this is my first post, so I'm sure I will get the hang of it a couple of blog entries down...but for the meantime, this is it!

So here I am..not realising how much effort it was going to take to pack a backpack for a year. It took a while to figure out what clothes to bring, how many clothes, and of course the essentials too! I'm sitting here staring at a pile of stuff, trying to decide what the heck I think i'm going to need..I've read countless packing lists, weather packing lists, and watched George Carlin's 'stuff' skit to keep me in check :) I've packed, and repacked, and finally fit everything I need! It even came down to weighing clothes to see which I should take! Never thought I would use that kitchen scale for anything but cooking...


I've got as many granola bars as I could fit, some powdered peanut butter, it's real now and I'm ready to go!

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